Arts and Crafts Center

Auto Hobby Shop

Our Auto Hobby Shop has 14 general stalls with three available lifts plus a welding room, sanding and grinding room, machine room and paint booth. An extensive inventory of checkout tools and up-to-date equipment allows guests to complete minor or major repairs. The center also accomplishes some service work such as radiator flushes, tire changing and balancing, and battery charges.

Framing and Engraving

Monday to Friday: 11 am to 5 pm

Frame Shop

The Frame shop builds many different sizes and designs of frames to accommodate your framing needs, they also build flag boxes for retirements and custom boxes for memorabilia and keep sake items. Come in with your ideas and they will GIT R Done.

Engraving Shop

The Engraving Shop can engrave a range of many different items such as wood, glass, acrylic trophies, awards, axe handles, knives, and many other objects. Come and see what can be engraved for you! Order your quarterly awards or personal ideas today.

All orders for both shops have a 2 week completion time; orders may be done quicker at extra cost, if time allows.